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Ophrys aesculapii f hypochroma

This group of pictures is included purely as a matter of interest and features an Ophrys that is neither a recognized variety or stable form.

Hypochromy can occur in most orchid species but is perhaps more common in Ophrys than any other, in this case it has occurred in a group of O. aesculapii.

It should be stressed however that this condition is in fact extremely rare though a notable exception to this is O. apifera where albeit still unusual, some colonies can include more hypochromatic plants than normal ones.

The plants illustrated  here  were found in a  shady pine forest on Mount Hymettus just to the north of Athens.  The difficult light and eerie lack of flower pigmentation didn't make for easy photography but we felt that these plants were of sufficient interest to be included on this site.

Pictures date from the 9th of April 2009.